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New layout!

June 26 2024

My arm hurts. I been online Making layouts for the sites and just now getting to this one. I have about 2 more layouts to go but um not sure if i wanna work on them tonight. I probably will cause its something to do but i am getting sleepy and tired. Im running out of songs to listen to lol. Well i hope you like this layout. Moved some links around and replace some words that where from the other website and using those tablets lol. Anyways i made the chatbox a little smaller and took off the fourms not sure if i will put those back up i don't think anyone really joins them. Anyways i will talk soon!

It Got late

April 24 2024

It got late so i am going to work on the pages tomorrow. But I Really Love how this one came out.. Hope you like it. How do you like the buttons at the top? i made them a little big so you can see them. Well Thats all i am going to type up. Have a great Day!